Sorry, I've been meaning to comment on the photos I received, and will do so now. (I think I neglected to comment last round) -

Tomalophicon - Feathers in a tankard. I like the composition and the minimal depth of field. The out-of-focus areas suit the subject of the feathers very well. I also like the the way the material under the tankard catches the light and the hint of slight detail in the background. Nice work.

Oxleyroad - Lizard. The slight sidelighting captures the texture of the lizard nicely whilst also providing a shadow which gives the lizard depth and enhances the composition. A great blend of textures and light. I must try some caffenol, not just with my breakfast.

Michael W - untitled lith print. Great work. I know how difficult it is to get the developer to the right point where it has the necessary mix of fresh and old, and then to snatch the print at the ideal time, and you have nailed it here. You have got it to the point where it gives that lovely grainy look.

AndrewK - Photographers little helper, and In A Spin. Wow, not one but three prints and a detailed description. That beautiful old Graflex Press camera certainly has imparted a special look to the photo. The second version does look better, with a bit harder contrast. And thanks for the second photo, In a Spin. Pretty original idea and a very different perspective, not to mention great hand-holding by the model/photographer.

Kevin Caulfield - Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand. Apologies to all for the bit of fluff in the bottom left. I was walking along the beach and spotted this little temple. I took two versions, one closer and then this wider view which gave the temple better context in its beach setting.

Thanks to all for participating and special thanks again to Oxleyroad for continuing to coordinate this.