In no order :-
Steve R. Rather nice shot of the old pier / wooden groin; well seen and photographed.As there was no 'information sheet ' with your print I assume that this is a wide angle shot . Good tones , and likely to be a slow shutter speed .
munz6869 ,I like the perspective achieved with that road in the distance . A well printed image , there must have been other great prints waiting to be found in that area .
SMbooth ,Shane , a very appearling pinhole image , the central composition really suits this image , and the toning really sets is off .
hoffy ,Ashley , although this image is well printed the composition / subject matter does not grab me .
Oxleyroad .A very well executed 'close-up ' , great detail and very well printed and presented.
Barrie B. -- Myself . In one of the earlier postings there was a comment about the 'DIY' toning of my print. I can`t rember what formulae I used : Last October I attended Tim Rudman`s Workshop : 'A day at the bleach ' at Gold Street Studios , Trentham East , and I now mix up three different bleaches and have various dilutions of toners / redevelopers in my darkroom. I am trying out lots of variations . I time I will post some of my results .
.................................... Cheers Barrie B.