Good morning gentle fellows photographers.

I have just discovered that the classic two-bath sepia toner made for years and years by Ornano chemicals is no longer in the product range of the brand. It is probably very old news, but as I had some packets in stock I didn't know so far.

There are two alternatives that I can purchase relatively easy: Tetenal Triponal and Foma Fomatoner.

About Triponal I couldn't find any significant information, and it also seems no longer present on the producer's website. Perhaps it's some old stock. Any comments on it? Is it a classic two-bath sepia toner?

The Fomatoner, instead, comes rich of tech specifications, but it seems to deliver different results than the classic Ornano toner. The charts say the tone will change from yellow to brown to purple depending on temperature, which is something I'm not used to. Also, it says that working solutions are to be used within 7 days, while Ornano's last almost indefinitely. Anyone has comments, please?

Also, more in general, I see that there are also one-bath sepia toners. Do they have the same protecting effect on images as the classic two-baths process has?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.