Hi all,
Hypotheticaly, if I were in the market for a new MF rangefinder and for the same cost (+/- $50) I could buy a new-in-box old stock Bronica RF645 with a 65mm F4 (with no warranty) or a new Fuji GF670, what would be the deciding factors?

I have B&W enlarger capacity up to 6x6, so I guess only my lab processed colour film could take advantage of the 6x7 format.

As I see it, the only substantial differences are:
operator interface

and as both would be (hypotheticaly) mail order I have no opportunity to get my hands on them. Which is why I'm asking for opinions.

(definition of 'hypotheticaly': my beloved has no idea I'm contemplating spending enough money for a week or two holiday on another camera...lets 'park' that side of the equation and all the 2nd hand options for now.)

Does anyone care to comment?