Oh thanks for the site.I think I will redo the camera.I have to get one focal length and one pinhole diam. right.After that I guess is much easier.I admit, I like to make something with my own hands and put together something new, with my own system of winding the right.
Too bad that film do not wind a fix number of full 360 rotations.It would be so much easier.I have to make some marks on the top of the cam, under the nob , to get the right wind revolution.Yes, I did a small test with an old used film and it has something like ~130 degrees.
) I want to make this camera for me, for my problems with forgeting to wind, or how much did I wind, to stop the winding process when I do not use the camera , so on and so on.
Another little problem is that I can't get simple b&w films, all are for manual process.I do not have the place for a obscure camera or the knowledge(yet).Still I bought 2 Agfa APX ISO-100 professional.Hope I can get the negatives somewhere.

I am glad to be in the clan and I hope I will have some photos to share with you...sooooon!

Best wishes Rick,

Alex C.