Color negative films were "good enough" for most mass market purposes, and had lots of latitude then as now, so they weren't truly horrid (at least, C-41 - I have no direct experience with earlier processes though I vaguely remember shooting Kodacolor-X before I was really "into" photography) but they didn't compare to Kodachrome of the day and, later, the best E6 films. Vericolor type-S was hailed as amazing in its day, and it was in a way, but it was far inferior to modern films like Portra.

I will shoot that 4x5, I just wonder what to do with it once I do. I can scan it or have it scanned (the latter at very considerable cost) for inkjet output myself or Lightjet from a lab, but end up with something probably no better and more likely inferior to a print I'd get starting with good CN film and printing myself on RA4. I'm not back into color darkroom yet but will be soon and I've done it before so I don't expect huge surprises.

I was thinking the other night that if we had something like a little LED based light box, thin enough to hang on the wall and with a way to hold a transparency, in different sizes, it would make an awesome way to display sheet film transparencies! Build in a little magnifier behind the main display surface and you could make, say, an 8x10 that displayed a 2x magnified 4x5. It would be such a niche product it could probably never be manufactured economically but the wall display would sure be beautiful!