Ok so you want to experience the thrill of repairing cameras.
On the bottom, there are two gears.one toward the front and one to the back. These are adjustments for travel times.
When you look at them there is a small rectangular block nestled against the side of each one.
There is a small ~1mm screw that has been sealed with paint. this is what turns the gears.
Acteone takes the seal off. You need to add tension to the curtain. CW adds CCW reduces.
Since the screw is a worm drive, it takes several turns to move one tooth of the larger gear.
AS I RECALL the front gear is the closing curtain. If you add tension to it the curtain will begin to creep out and with more will complete it's travel.
BAD STUFF---> first and second curtains are balanced(tension) and need to be for even exposure across the film plane.
BAD< MORE--->travel times for pentax are in the area of 12.5ms.
The tester used can measure the TT of each curtain and the tech will adjust them to balance. That's why he gets the big bucks.