I have just got back an order I made for processing and scan from a Professional lab in England.
While the processing of the film is top notch, when i look at the high resolution tiff scans that they did, I can see that the scans are blurry and there is some sort of artifact on all of them, this is not the grain of the film (some kind of "white" noise on the dark zones). Basically, the blacks are no black at all. As it is, those scans are unusable.
when i look at the slides, they are perfect and have to say that scans done with my flatbed film scanner are much better than what they delivered to me. I am confused and frustrated.
I am back to square one again. Would anyone recommend a good lab that delivers top notch scans from slide and films ?
I am going to try Loxley colour. Have any of you tried Mr Scan. Would scans done on an imacon scanner be top notch ? has anyone experienced first end imacom scanning service from A+M imaging lab in Edinburgh ?