If you're new to pinhole photography, or photography in general, I would start with a simple and proven design. Both of these are well documented:

Oatmeal box camera:

This camera makes negative exposures on to 5x7 black and white paper. I would suggest Ilford Grade 2 RC paper, pearl or matte finish, developing in Ilford PQ developer and fixing with Ilford Rapid Fixer. You'll need a simple darkroom set up to load/unload the camera and develop the negatives. You can scan and invert the negatives or make contact prints. Anyway, the camera is a dead simple design and was my introduction to analog photography. For example...

Populist 35mm pinhole camera:

If you'd rather not mess around with a darkroom and chemicals right away, the Populist is a 35mm pinhole camera and can also be made from stuff around the house. I think it's a little harder to build and the final product isn't very rigid, which presents some challenges, but it's a good place to learn about camera design for this type of thing, and it is capable of good results. Again...