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The original 13139 lamp is of the EFP type and lasts 1,000 hours.
The EFN type lamp is not the original, but serves as replacement... and lasts just 50 hours (read the specs).
So, the cost is far from next to nothing.
I think you may have mixed up my statements,
I was referring to the original bulb, which is 15 dollars per bulb at the moment (read the post with the link to both bulb prices).
So, at 15 dollars per bulb, the cost per use, is next to nothing.

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At $15 per bulb, which is about double the normal bulb cost, but these lamps last forever, which makes the cost per use next to nothing, I just bought 5 more original lamps.
That should last me the rest of my life.

It is one of the greatest enlargers ever made, it is worth the splurge for the right bulb, if you have any doubts about the substitute lamp.