I use flare light or flash creatively when printing, but to be honest the bouncing flare light seems to be a problem for me so yes I try to eliminate it in my systems.
Sometimes for lith negatives I will overexpose by 3-4 stops and process normal, this give an incredibly thick negative, then I will expose the paper for about 3 minutes with a wide open enlarger lens onto old graded paper **elite** , the effect is so old world, on ilford Warmtone without tone the prints are yellow green and really quite nice. I think this would be considered using flare to create and effect or style of print.

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So flare seems to be mostly a "problem" for you Bob, something to eradicate.

I am interested in controlling flare in this sense for a lot of my work, but I also want to see/learn how these techniques are used creatively.

For example, http://www.mattblack.com/kingdomofdust/01.html

Like using a short DOF or a swirly Petzval lens, flare in that particular shot from Matt Black, is a tool worthy of consideration for simplifying or adding mood to the composition.