Use Vaseline which is also prescribed by Jobo service. In the water bath you can use an anti algue preservative. Then it's not a problem to use the Jobo over more weeks. Without you have to change the water frequently.

In the ball bearings (inside the motor unit) you can use graphite. The control unit and motor units are pretty simple: 80-90's electronic stuff. The PT-100 is pretty acurate: +/- 0,2C is possible.
Take also notice of the O-rings (Viton) behind the plastic srews. Especially when changing to the elevator unit.
Also the "chicken fork" must just reach the pin on the wheel. Otherwise the unit is not going in reverse. You can adapt this by the allen wrenge on the central wheel.

For the rest you have a minimum of maintenance on a CPE/CPA unit.

Volumes of the Jobo tanks in reverse and rotary: