Going to give some SFX 200 a first go today. I have a very Deep and Cheap IR filter. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0044R6WQG

Hope to see how this pair works on the Hassy with the 120 CF Makro lens, it just happens to be next on the rotation for exercising and I like the lens.

Anyone had any good success with this film, I've hear others say it is just FP4 with more red sensitivity. I'm just looking for some IR fun. Shamed to admit it but I have never worked with IR before. So my excitement level is up.

What I hope to do is find enough fun to use it while at Ricketts Glen in the mid day when the sun is full in the sky and its hard to get those milky waterfall shots as in early morning or late in the day. So the IR might be my mid day film. Like I said, I'm excited, hope I do not get too many dark red lens cap type negs.