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I did a test like that some years ago while working on an article about flare and the film speed. The set-up consisted of the black box and four cards, white, grey, black, and mixed, with holes cut out of the middle to go over the black box opening.

I based the exposure on a grey card. I then made exposures of the four different set-ups. Being me, I then exposed a sensitometric strip to run with the black box test. I read the density from the area of the box opening and placed the density on the film curve.
So the light reflected off the target bounced around the lens and contaminated the black box area kinda like my doorway to Chimayo messed with my metering.

This is one of the creative uses I was hoping to see in this thread.

Like pre-exposure, I assume this particular type of flare would actually help get the shadow areas up off the toe a bit more.

Is that a fair thought?