There are two things that our lawmakers and police don't understand about photography that make their actions dumb. First, to be told you can't photograph a building assumes that the person taking the picture is using a standard lense and is close to the building. With a telephoto lens you can get a picture from so far away that no one would even think you are taking a picture of that building. Second, just because a guy has a camera, that should not be any more suspect than the million people walking past that building with a camera equiped cell phone. If the police wish to confiscate your camera, then ask them to confiscate all the cell phones on this street as those are potential picture takers. If they are worried about terriorists taking pictures, I doubt that the camera of choice would be a medium format mounted on a tripod. To harrass people with a camera makes the police look like idiots. Why then do they insist on doing it?