Seems the camera that surprises me and disappoints me is also the same camera that I can't kill.

A few examples: Kodak 35. This camera came into my life because my dad wouldn't let me have his Spotmatic II. I hated the dim viewfinder. I hated the shutter speed limitations. But man, that camera took great pictures.

Rollei 35. Bought as a user and beat it up by carrying in pants pocket. The lens wiggles when pulling it and pushing it because the rails are worn thin. Tried once to sell it on ebay but nobody would buy, so I calibrated the meter for alkaline, replaced the rails and kept it. Still working but I still don't take care of it.

Contax IIa. Another user purchase. Can't use 500 or 1250. Sometimes 1 second sluggish. I used to hate this camera so much I'd leave it hidden at my cabin, just so I would have a camera if I forgot to bring one along. All still same condition, as long as I stay on the working speeds.

Minox C. Almost tossed it because the shutter wasn't working. Then someone tipped me that you can roll 3 A76's and a watch battery (like 389) in sticker paper. Last night I took it out to a concert and it worked just like in the '70s.