Guys, help me.
Today was the day I've been waiting for weeks. It was the first time for me to try fb paper (Varycon) in my darkroom, with a developer which was new to me (Neutol WA). I was really excited, but while printing the very first photograph something terrible happened.
This paper is particularly sensitive to safe light, and since some test stripes were made gray by red light, I switch it off, and turn it on only from time to time, when moving the print from one tray to another.

In the deep dark, I accidentally hit the safe light and made it fall on the ground. DISASTER! The bulb inside the light got broken, and something happened in the wires: in few second every device into the room got into a short-circuit and stopped working (enlarger, timer, everything).

Without thinking of what i was doing, shocked, I opened the light while the print was still in the stop bath.
So here is what I get, a totally gray print and a broken bulb. I'll try again tomorrow, it's a challenge now!

Please help me, share your experiences with accidents and disasters, attach the results when you still have them, help me stop feeling all alone and depressed!