Well ya can tell everyone that is a picture of you getting shocked in the darkroom. Nice picture, frame it as your interpretation of an experiance.

My son did something like your shocking experiance. I hang my safelight by a metal bailing wire off a steam pipe. My son hung the lamp by the fixture instead of the extension cord and the wire got between the light fixture's contacts. Instead of blowing the breakers, the wire waas red hot. When I toutched it to fix how it was hanging I got burned and tossed the dam safelight into the fixer bath, that blew the breaker. I still have a U shaped scar of the hot wire in my hand.

BTW an Orange OC safelight is what nost papers call for. I don't know why a red didn't work, that's generally safe to use when printing unless it is just too bright? Read the paper insert, they generally recomend a safelight color.