Let's see...

Yashica Contax 24mm 2.8 35mm 2.8 50mm 1.4 90mm 2.5 (this one is a Tamron Adaptall2 which I remember is effing amazing lens) 136mm DSB 2.8 set of CY extension tubes for $50 altogether, pristine condition.

4 developing tanks for $1 each, one for $5. A bulk loader for $5.

100ft of old as the hills HP3.

Some kodak books for $1 each, and "Perfect Negatives & How To Make Them" by Dr B.T.J. Glover, Seventh Impression from 1924 for $5.

Love the markets.

Unfortunately while I was looking at the Yashica stuff, I picked up a 20mm 3.5 and was prepared to pay any price for it, I asked the guy that was there who was at the front, but looked like he was organising stuff how much it was about 3 or 4 times, didn't get a response, then asked the lady behind the desk as I put it back down in front of me. He then grabbed it straight away and handed over cash for it.. $15 can you believe she sold that for.

Honestly I wanted to deck him pretty hard. I think he's a right c*. <b>Lesson</b>: Don't take your hand off shit even for a second. I let him know twice in polite words that he took it while I was in the middle of buying it basically.

I also missed a 55mm 2.8 macro which I went back for as I didn't realise it was a macro at the time. Picked up it and put it down again to pull cash out for it, then someone else grabbed it :/

Anyway, I don't think they noticed I was about to buy it, wasn't fuming like I was about the 20mm, as I realised later the Tamron 90mm is a 1:1 macro lens, and one heck of a damn lens.

I hope at least it is used regularly, if it's going to sit in some collection.. I wish I could go back and rip it out of his hands and tell him to f* off for being a sneaky little c*. Sounds crude but that really gets under my skin.

I'm not a fan of sniping collectors.

I was also at a table and it appears someone nicked a propack of Portra 160 120 I had there.