Hello John,

Just to explain further. Indeed the Solargraphy project uses undeveloped photographic paper (and scanning this paper). I did not know that it can't be developed!!! And I just wanted to do now Lunargraphy, by using the same method as with the Sun (so scanned exposed photographic paper) but that does not work with the Moon (as I showed). So perhaps I thought naively that developing the paper might bring forward the moon light.
If paper is not sensitively enough, I could use the method of Renner (I think he uses film, instead of photographic paper and develops it later). But as you say I want to see the Moon's path over several days say a month (this will need covering up the pinhole during twi and daylight, which is a pity as it makes it more difficult in remote paces with out electricity, so loosing the charm of 'Salorgraphy').

So I don't mind the method of film, paper, scanning, developing; I want to record the Moon's light over multiple days (and the point of unmanned location comes later)...

Hope this explains my endeavour.

All the best,