Hello John,

I have no problem finding the Moon (for direction of the camera). I did some projects for recording the moon rise and set at neolithic sites like Callanish using webcameras (so quite technology depending: www<dot>iol<dot>ie/~geniet/callanish/ ).
I liked the idea of Solargraphy of unmanned, no power needed, weather proof simple equipment in remote places.

It is just the idea of how to get it on film or paper over several days (preferable a month).
I know almost that I need to cover up the pinhole during twi/daytime. Someone was proposing to use the UV sensitive eye glasses, but I think these are not able to block the 400,000 stronger Sun. I don't think these can block the Sun during daytime to at least 0.00025%...

Thanks for all the advice!

All the best,