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... Tried both cameras (on a paid assignment) and sent the Diana back in the cupboard.

not understood... (why?)

One thing to consider: Never believe the claims, that the diana F+ is the same as the old classic Diana camera. It is not!

I have no proof, but to me the Diana F+ is more like a HOLGA in disguise..

And I once saw an add for HOLGA's

it said:

son of Diana

I have both the Diana F+ and some of the old ones. I never use the Diana F+ !

I love the way the old Diana "focusses" and distorts the image.

I don't get that feeling on the Diana F+ at all. Just a darker image in the corners and then a slightly unsharp image for the rest....

More like the HOLGA.

I don't have a HOLGA, but I have seen amazingly beautiful images made with this.
(especially by Wolfgang Moersch - see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wolfgan...7625476934888/ )

The new Diana F+ is good as it has the socket for tripod, but that's it for me...

(I customized my old one so it now has it too).

So, It all depends on what images you want.

In any case, it is fun cameras to use.