Saw Маяковская today as well as a few others; I plan to do a bit of an outing again tonight once the heavy traffic slows. Kicking myself for not shooting on Sunday night with the really light crowds.

The only photographic restriction in the metro is against tripods (not to mention I just go to the next station if told not to use the tripod) but the guards are really friendly & polite, with none of the power-tripping BS, imagined prohibitions or photo-hysteria we get in the west. In fact, Москва is remarkable for its friendliness and lack of the fear that has been constructed in the west over the last decade; people here start with the assumption that a stranger will help them.

Went to экта-ф, bought 27 rolls of film. It's a tiny apartment-sized store that's better stocked for film than anything in Adelaide and about 1/3 of the price. Couldn't find an Iskra and the second-hand stuff I have seen was about 3x KEH pricing.