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Here is one of the shots I recently made with this camera:

Or the full size image:
(Large image. Over 20 MB.)

Not too terrible. Not razor sharp but decent, given the vintage of the camera and lens.

Tri-X Pan 400 - ƒ22@125
Focus point was near the letter "L" in the word "Looking."
Certainly doesn't look 'too terrible' to me!

It is difficult to tell more without knowing how far away the writing on the fallen tree is. F22 should give quite a depth of field with a 75mm lens (if that is what it is?). The hyperfocal distance is 11 ft 5 inches, according to my trusty tables. In this case - the picture should be sharp to infinity, but it appears it isn't. This might be because the focus is a bit off, but might also be because the sea is moving too much for the shutter speed, though? It's hard to tell. Is the log a bit shaper as you move to the right of the writing (nearer to the camera)? Or am I kidding myself?

Best test shot for this sort of thing is to put the camera on a good solid tripod and shoot down the length of a road with trees or lamp posts or parked cars stretching into the distance. This way you eliminate movement of both the camera and the scenery as a source of unsharpness. A fine grain film and a bigger aperture helps, too.