Ello all,

I'm a fresh transplant to film, and my first major purchase for a film camera is an RB67 from a friend from photography school. I have been using a Canon AE-1 and Mamiya 7 that are my girlfriend's and love the cameras (especially the 7!), but it was time to get my own.

I am really digging this camera. The viewfinder is friggin huge and beautiful, the negs are the same, and my 90mm and 180mm are turning out some beautiful portraits and landscape shots. The thing I love the most however is really the process this camera requires to shoot. It was frustrating at first coming from digital auto (ignoramus-proof), but the learning process is turning from frustration to fun. Additionally, a co-worker from my camera shop gave me 4 old 35mm rangefinder cameras ranging from a Yashica Electro 35 CC to an Olympus 35 RC (Not Working). I am really enjoying this influx of cameras, and I am diving into tearing apart some of the cameras to further understand the inner workings as well as reassembling. (Wanting to get started on repairing my own equipment)

I have come to realize that I really love the analogue method in everything. Photography, writing, socializing, reading, everything! I plan on spending a considerable amount of time here soon diving into photographic history and method and really applying myself to learning the craft all over again. Can't wait to finish out our darkroom in the apartment and dive into that as well!

So this turned into more of an introduction than a post about the camera itself, so let me try to rectify that.

I am having some issues with my RB67 backs, one has a stuck counter that I will be attempting to fix myself and the other seems to get stuck periodically after finishing the roll. Has anyone else encountered this second problem and possibly have a remedy?