I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of my Platinum printing kit from B&S... as yet I have not done any Pt/Pd printing..... My question is in reference to creating negatives with the appropriate comparative contrast for optimal image rendition. It is my understanding that basically it is all about extended development to increase internal contrast in the neg.

In my last few darkroom sessions I have managed to wrestle Technical Pan 4415 into submission by using a sequence of two different dilutions of HC110 and have it printing nicely on Agfa Classic VC at grade 1. (with oodles of internal neg contrast)... I am sure that with a bit of tweaking I can get TP negs that print nicely on 0 grade.... Which I have read is a general target for Pt/Pd printing.

Now..... In my reading I have found nothing about TP and the Pt/Pd process... I was hoping that a clever Apugger could direct me to a source of information on this combination. It is my assumption that the extremely fine grain and lively contrast of this film would be an advantage....and of course I will test print my TP negs when the kit arrives... However, if I am naively wasting my time trying to refine my TP processing when there is some glaring deficiency lurking in this combination have compassion and let me know!!!

Cheers... Annie