The best remedy is to CLA the backs. If you are handy and it seems you are, get the reapir manual and it;'ll show you the adjustments n from there you can learn to see how it works n how to repair.

Backs are fairlyu easy to get into. 2 screws, one at each corner, 2 screws inside one each by the spools. Lever has to come off. Peel the leatherete and unscrew the large brass screw. Pry the lever up without lifting the spring loaded mounting plate it sits on. Put the screw back in and now lift the top cap off being careful not to destroy the metal slip over the hole on the right. Put the lever back on.

Now you are in and can load a roll of film. Install the insert back in th eshell n advance the test roll of backing paper as you watch the mechanisms do their thing. If you are observant, you'll be able to spot the trouble soon enough as you discover how the thing works.

Congratulations you are now a camera junkie!