".......I think he states in his journals somewhere it is because he just has a huge number of link backs to his site....... " We have four different sites up at the moment and I can tell you that this is most important. Search engines often find you through outside links. Much of Aggies advice is on the money but one thing that is missing is to have patience (it takes sometimes months for a search engine to begin to list your site in their top 100 let alone their top ten). There are services that (for a price) will submitt your site to any number of search engines (the # depends on how much you are willing to spend), but these can be a short cut to getting listed and some of them will assist you in setting your titles, meta tags, etc. to get listed in the areas you believe your market exist. As for your basic web site design - as an old PR person once told me when I was running a membership campaign for a not-for-profit and attempting to design a campaign mailing ".....Jim, if you could be there to lick the stamp for them, you would. So make it as easy as you can for them to respond."