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I don't care much about E6 lines as it is not all that hard to do E6 at home. I also understand that consumer slide films like Sensia go away, as the cost of film is hardly an issue with the few remaining slide shooters.

Astia going away really hurts me because it is a unique film with beautifully muted colors perfectly suitable for a range of subjects. It also caught me by surprise as Fuji made a very strong statement for slide film with its Provia 400X released only a few years ago.

So while slide film may be over and done with for you, I will grab a few dozen rolls of Astia in the next few weeks, so slide film won't be over for me in the next few years.
What we do now doesn't matter. It was pro shooters who once blew through thousands of rolls of E6 materials annually switching to digital that did you in. Once that market began to shrink, it was just a matter of time for us.