There are those who do single tray development, I cannot imagine any reason other than space, the pitfalls IMO are too great.
I use 10 litres of developer per printing session to make prints. If you are going into the darkroom to make a couple of prints then less is ok.
Yes you will get very tired of dumping trays, actually go fill a tray in your darkroom right now with water and practice a bit. If you follow double fix , wash, hypo clear , wash you will get the idea of how difficult this may become.
On the other hand you will at least be giving your upper body a real workout.
All kidding aside , I use 20 x24 trays and when I was younger I had no problem lifting the trays to dump chemistrys, now I do, I have joined a fitness center to build back strength so I can pour my trays at the end of a day.
I use gloves and buy them in bulk to get a good price, I would never use tongs.
You do not need a vertical washer, a series of dumps would be totally ok. You would need to figure out that one for yourself, a good hypo clear before would be in order.

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I'm almost ready to begin 16x20 printing. I just have a few conerns/questions.

- Anyone using the single tray processing method? In theory it sounds ideal, saving the most space, but pouring and pouring and pouring would get old after I while I would imagine.

- How much chemistry in a 16x20 tray? I use 2L now for 11x14, so 3L? or 4?

- How necessary is a print washer for 16x20? I have one for 11x14 and love it but can't afford another one for 16x20. I have tray siphon which would work for low volume work.

- Ok to handle the print with hands? I've never used tongs and don't intend to.

Any other advice or suggestions would be great!