When on a roll, and I already know my exposure, I do probably (on average):

3 minutes getting out paper, putting it in the easel, making sure it is flat (double-sided tape is what I use), dusting it off, exposing, burning, dodging
3 minutes developer and drain
1 minute stop and drain
3 minutes first fixer
into holding tank of water

...per first copy.

If it is good, I do copies two at a time till I have five good ones in total. Minimum time spent exposing and processing, with no test/work prints and no time for swapping in the negative: 30 minutes for 5 copies, and they are still all sitting in the holding tank after the first fixer bath.

When I have 5 or 10 complete in the holding tank, I do, as a batch:

3 minutes second fixer, shuffling
5 minute running water rinse, shuffling
10 minutes hypo clear, shuffling
5 minute running water rinse, shuffling
20 minute timed/uncontaminated final wash, unsupervised
1 min each to remove from wash, squeegee and lay out to dry

Add in negative swapping/dusting time, test prints, and work prints...and do the math. It would be quite far from physically possible for me to make prints at Ian's pace. And I generally have fairly easy to print negs in the grand scheme of things, so I don't do a ton of test stripping.