I use the darkroom for about two hours at a time. I like to come out with a half dozen nice 8x10s and a couple really nice ones. Or 15 pages of contact prints (from my negative printfile pages) in 90 minutes, then a really nice 8x10 or 11x14. or 4 different 11x14's done really nicely. I'm not fast and I'm not slow and I don't hurry. Sometimes if a negative is challenging (such as too dense), it will be more difficult and I'll be slowed.

I've got plenty of experience printing. Efficiency is gained for me by using a color enlarger to adjust contrast, using speed-easels, mostly rc paper, bright safelights. Negatives of consistent exposure and contrast make things easier too. I try not to make negatives that require dodging/burning. If an image requires it, I just dodge with my hand/fingers by keeping them moving over the area needing the dodging (probably <10% of the time). If it requires a paper cutout to burn with, I save that with the negative after use. That's probably < 1% of the time. Sticking with one film will help you hone your skills on the negatives. It will also help you predict the contrast setting required just by looking at the negative, if you're not using a staining developer. Fresh developer is also a big help in getting the contrast right. With dektol, it's not always visible that the developer is getting weak. You either have to replace it on schedule (so many hours of use or prints) and use a one-shot developer.