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What is your process that allows you spend 11:15 minutes or less per exhibition print (32 prints or more in 6 hours), including negative swaps?
Part of the secret is the negatives are usually very consistent so exposures & filter grades are very close that saves considerable time. I also only usually print to one size (differes depending on negative format) and rarely crop an image, when I do print larger again it's to a standard size. Should add my development times are short rarely longer than a minute with FB papers.

Another is that I can read a negative better than a contact print so get very close with the dodging and burning I require on the first work print.

It does help that I've printed commercially where speed is important so can tuen prints around efficiently.

Probably the most important factor is all my images are shot to be part of series, suprisingly that makes printing easier once you've mastered all the control skills, that starts at the exposure/negative development stage. An example would be a sries of diptychs I shot way back (late 1980's) where I had images shot at different times of year paired up, an extreme was a summer shot, bright sunlight, alongside a winter shot made over Xmas on a foggy day with snow on the ground.

So in an hour I'd expect to be able to make about 3 separate sets of prints with one sometimes two spares- these additional prints add very little extar time.