Well, you will have to try.
A generation of photographers did exactly this, exposing slides with cameras and meters like your SRT.

- the camera is old and has a mechanical shutter; the times may be off, maybe not detectable with prints from negative film (very forgiving)
- the meter is old and may be off as well for several reasons: aging of the metering cell and calibration potis, yellowing glue on the prism, maybe wrong battery.

FWIW my two SRT's did benefit from a slight lube and a recalibration of the meter. The meters were quite far off.

Another quirk is the CLC metering, a kind of early (2 zone) multizone metering. Personally I don't like it.

If I were you I would study the manual for the metering and try it with the cheapest (fresh) slide film before spending money on Velvia and Provia.

And welcome to apug.