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Jeez. Sometimes I hang them on wall and look at them for a year before I figure out what I want to do.
IMHO, that is the best way to judge a print: with time, light, and space. The hardest place to do it is in the darkroom while printing with a deadline in mind.
It is a supreme advantage that I don't show my work, nor do I sell my work. I do give things to family and friends as I see fit, but I have no pressure what ever to produce. It's a hobby pure and simple for me, and a totally sunk cost that I accept as an entertainment cost just like going out to the movies on the weekend.

That also allows me to be lazy sometimes, which is the other edge of the sword.

When I make a few prints to "test hang" I put them in various places in simple $2 black wood frames with no matting or boarder to add or subtract anything, or sometimes I just thumbtack them to the wall naked. Then I look at them in the light over the time. Sometimes it's clear that the print is too dark in one spot but OK in another. Or too light, or whatever. Or needs this, that or the other. Or maybe wasn't even a good choice to begin with.