I have used the Jobo CPP 2 for a long while, and have the up-dated motor and circuit board. I have always been careful not to over stress even the newer motor and circuitry by limiting the number of 8x10 sheets developed in the expert tank at one time to a maximum of two-and therefore the solution volume is 500 cc or less.

However, I am about travel to the Western USA where I hope to take many exposures. I am curious as to whether or not it is "safe" to develop 4-5 sheets at one time. The added weight of the solutions will make the expert drum quite heavy. I always use my right hand to help lift the drum, and so I do not see the added weight as being a problem whilst using the lift. However, I am curious as to whether or not other Jobo users who develop 8x10 sheets in their expert tanks have had any "problems" caused by the added weight of solutions while developing mutliple sheets. How many sheets can one do at a time before there is added risk of burning out the motor? Indeed, IS there any risk? The expert tanks have room for 5 sheets at a time. Consequently, Jobo must have intended their units ( at least the newer ones with the updated motor and circuits ) to be able to handle the added weight. Help and advice appreciated.