A heads-up, if anyone here is still interested in making and using emulsions for their photography. I've located, purchased, and tested two thicknesses of subbed film, one perfect for sheet film and the other for roll. Retail!

I made a batch of film emulsion for my Baby Graphic (2-1/4 x 3-1/4) and tested a few holders at my local favorite spot -- familiar to me, yet a serious photographic challenge for anything but a point and shoot. Rousing success! So, I'm off to Minnesota for a week. I'm carrying the lens in my purse, the camera in my checked bag, and I shipped 18 loaded holders USPS to my mom's house. It will be interesting to see if this can be easy and successful enough to become a reasonable way to 'do photography'.

I'm bending your ear with all this in the hope that this forum can become active again with 'real' stuff. In my heart of hearts I can't imagine anyone not thinking making emulsions is the cat's meow .

Four prints (two here and two in following post). Yaquina Lighthouse, Newport, OR. Yesterday morning. Bright fog. Absolutely minimal post-processing. Details coming soon.