I recently ordered some chems from the Photographer's Formulary. I've used some of their chems before, but I previously got them elsewhere, like at Freestyle. I wanted to experiment with some new developers for X-ray film.

I ordered:

Catechol, 10g
Glycin, 10g
Hydroquinone, 100g

I just got an email from the person who handles their internet orders, telling me I needed to fill out their "DEA form" for the hydroquinone. Her instructions were very detailed. I needed to fill out the exact chemical recipe I was going to use the hydroquinone in, sign and date, provide all my personal information, and then attach a photocopy of my drivers license.

Now I happen to know that hydroquinone isn't a DEA list I chemical, a DEA list II chemical, or on any of their other "watched chemicals" lists. These lists can be viewed online. Hydroquinone isn't listed as requiring a DEA form in their bulk chemicals section, as some of their other chemicals are.

So I sent her an email back asking her to please cancel the entire order, as I can get these chems elsewhere without any such forms.

Well I guess I now gone and done it, because I don't know anywhere else I can get glycin. Well, I guess I don't need it that bad anyway.