And, while you do that, I am making up solutions and 10% gelatin for the workshop in October. Mark and I will be getting together to set up the lab on the 29th or 30th, and probably have lunch with a few of the guys. I have arranged for between 2 and 4 of the lunch group to join us for the workshop to offer comments and answer questions.

The workshop is filled and there is a waiting list at this time. Don't let this discourage anyone from at least signing up in case there is a last minute opening that takes place.

The sample DVDs shipped last week and the bulk boxes of DVD sets are sitting here next to me ready for shipping.

So, I have not been idle either.

Oh, and I have found 2 subbing layers for Acetate that may be of interest here so that ANY acetate support can be used for coating as long as it has nothing else coated on it that might detract from the photographic emulsion. I just need a minute or two to whip up the formula into more usable terms.

Best wishes to all.