I developed a roll film a few years ago. When I contacted Ilford they gave me these times:

400 ISO in ID-11
35 mm: high contrast 15 mins. normal contrast 9 mins
120 rollfilm: high contrast 14 mins. normal contrast 10 mins

400 ISO in Microphen
35 mm: high contrast 13 mins. normal contrast 7 mins
120 rollfilm: high contrast 12 mins. normal contrast 8 mins

Note how 35mm film needs less time than 120 for normal contrast, but more for high. That's not a mistake.

I expect 127 is basically the same as 120?

When I developed my film I found it was VERY foggy. Still printable, with difficulty, but as already mentioned drop the film speed down a couple of stops. Microphen might be a better bet as it produces less background fog than ID-11 - but to be honest I doubt it will make a lot of difference. Not worth buying for just one film.