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Call the Formulary and talk to Sherry. I'm sure she can help you.

Thanks PE, and 2F/2F. It was Sherry who sent me the email asking for the intended use form for the hydroquinone. I guess she should know which of their chemicals require these forms. Anyway, since I already emailed her last night with a request to cancel the order, I'll wait to see if there is any response.

Something odd happened when I was filling out the online order form. I filled out the usual blocks with name, address, credit card info, etc. There was a block for company name, but I left that blank because I'm not a company and don't have a company name. I've left similar blocks blank on order forms from other companies and have never had any problems. But when I submitted this form, I got back an error message saying the company name block was empty and had to be filled in.

I scratched my head over this, because I understood that the Formulary does sell to private individuals. I tried resubmitting the form and got back the same error message. In desperation, I filled in the block with a handle I use on other internet forums, similar to the one I use here but spelled differently. Then the form submitted OK and I got a confirmation e-mail.

In the next day or so I got the e-mail from Sherry asking for the DEA form for the hydroquinone. Maybe they didn't like the looks of a company named Dezzertrat or an e-mail address beginning with dezzertrat. I don't know. At this point, I don't want to try to straighten this out. I just want the pending order to quietly go away and I will continue to buy photo chems from other companies I've done business with who don't require these forms or photo ID.