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Judging from my success with 20-year expired Ektar 25 expired 4/1991 kept in a freezer, I would love to try my luck on some more of this film for a wedding in a couple weeks. It is not the only film I will be using but there are a few shots that I want that antiquated film grain look that I grew up with.

I love the grain on it and would like to re-create this look once again. I have a few shots off that roll in my Gallery shot through my Nikkormat.

I had posted this once a long long time ago and couldn't find the thread.

Must be 35mm, I'll take up to 400 speed. It's going in an autofocus Canon EOS system so DX coating is preferable but I can manually set it in-camera if it isn't.

Also looking for a Canon EF 28-90 USM plastic fantastic if you have one. Not a big necessity but the film is paramount. I have a 24-105 f4L but the aperture motor is on the fritz and I don't think I can fix it before the wedding.
If you want to use Ektar the new version Ektar 100 according to Kodak is just as sharp and fine grained as the old ISO 25 stuff, that's progress.