Northern Shore - David J. Eisenlord
5.25 x 7.25 inches - Hardcover
16 pages - 11 duotone reproductions
1- original gum over palladium print
signed and numbered
edition: 100
North Light Press

I'm pleased to announce book #2 in the 11+1 Signature Series on my North Light Press publishing label. And I am proud to say that the photographer is fellow APUGger, David J. Eisenlord, or simply "Ike" to many of us. One of my favorite contemporaries, many of you may be familiar with Ike's beautiful gum over palladium prints. He's become a master of the process and I am excited to say that he has made 100 of the most beautiful little gum overs you'll ever want or have for this edition.

The "11+1 Signature Series" is a series of books I am committed to producing with each book focusing on the work of a specific photographer and consisting of 11 high quality reproductions and 1 original print of varying processes. The print is included as a page of the book and is removable for mounting and framing if the owner so chooses.

This book is a follow-up to Book #1 , "Telos" by Clay Harmon which I am very pleased to say is no longer available in our inventory. Copies may still be available at other select outlets however.

Book #2, "Northern Shore", will officially go on pre-sale soon and will be announced to our mailing list after prior notification to collectors of Book#1 (Thank you ALL!).

If not already on our mailing list, you can subscribe either HERE or at the following link. You can also see more information and a preview of the book HERE. Books will begin shipping in October of this year.

Congratulations and thanks to Ike on a beautiful body of work and a fantastic print for the book!

Thank you!

Bill Schwab

PS. You can view a short promotional video about the series and Book #1, "Telos" at the following link ...