Nice job! Your print isn't bad. As good as or better than I can do. Maybe there could be some improvements but, if the result is like the image you had in your mind when you took the picture then technical considerations be damned. If it turned out the way you wanted then it is perfect the way it stands.

Technique is something you will work on for your entire life. You might work on a photograph for days and slave over it until it is "perfect." Then, one day in the future you will probably come back and look at it again and say, "This is crap!" As we learn and grow, our perception of what is good and what is crap changes. I have looked at photos I took 20+ years ago and some of the ones I thought were great, I now think are crap but the reverse is often true, too. Photos I thought were crap, back then, I think are good when I look at them again. Our ideas of what is good and what is not good, our tastes and artistic vision are all fluid over time.

In the end, I say, the real satisfaction comes from knowing that you produced the photograph that you see before you with your own hand.

It's like fixing your own car or making your own home repairs. There is a sense of ownership that comes with doing something by yourself.