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If Doolittle could take off from a carrier with a B-25 bomber (I think it was a B-25)...
Yes indeed, those were B-25Bs. And he did it in only 467 feet of deck length.

Last week I visited Paul Allen's Flying Heritage Collection of restored military aircraft at Paine Field in Everett, Washington.

I stood for the longest time right next to his magnificently restored B-25J - set up in low-level attack configuration - and tried hard to imagine just how the hell Doolittle was able to get one of those airborne off of a pitching carrier deck in only 467 feet. Freaking amazing.

[Off-topic photo opportunity note...]

For those reading who may be in the Puget Sound region on Saturday, September 24, 2011 between 12:00-1:00pm, the FHC pilots are going to team up with the nearby Historic Flight Foundation and put both collection's B-25s in the air together. The HFF's is a B-25D named Grumpy.

There aren't too many opportunities anymore these days to see a pair of operational B-25 Mitchell heavy bombers flying formations together. I'll be there...*


*If you are too, look for a tall fellow with a black baseball cap, about 6' 5" and 225 lbs., and carrying a Nikon F2 with MD2/MB1 motor drive. There sure won't be more than one of those at the same event! Come on over and say hi.