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No intention to hi-jack this thread,but down here at The Bottom Of The World,the local auction site (No-not Eb*y) is chocka (means 'Full Of ') of LED lighting heads - they vary in area - from 2x3inches up to 5x7in, claim a variety of color temps,but around 5500 K, some are dimmable, they come with diffusing panels,etc, but are basically an array of leds from sub 100 to several hundreds.
Seems to me they would make admirable light sources for enlargers..
And the cost is not frightening - NZ$ 70- 150 ( add about 20% for US$).
If the bulb in my Kindermann 4x5 enlarger ever 'Pops its Clogs' (dies),I will be giving them a good hard look.