I am not quite sure that this is the right place as it is about me, but I am a photographer I guess so...

I wanted to post an update of my Afghanistan work (all film bar one or two images) on a new website www.thomasstanworth.com and let those who might be interested know that I finally have my London debut in the form of a fundraising exhibition in support of War Child (http://www.warchild.org.uk/), assisted by Deutsche Bank, to be held throughout November this year. While some of my work was exhibited earlier this year in New York and Arles, France, its great to have prints going up in the UK for a change!

I have been the lucky recipient of support and guidance from some wonderful people, including Robin Bell (www.robinbell.com), who has printed many of the images. The others will remain nameless, but I am no less indebted to them for their faith and patience. There really are some tremendous people out there ready to share wisdom and support, but I'll admit its not easy finding them!

I will soon be completing a very different project in India before moving on to a long-term documentary project in West Africa.

At present, the website does not provide much background on the images, but that will change as I write text for the November exhibition. I'll post it on my website as sections become available, but in the meantime, feel free to ask if you are interested.