It makes me happy to hear that!

I think that the sense of craftsmanship is a forgotten attitude, these days.

I'm a photographer and photography is where I choose to apply my craft but it can apply to almost anything. Even if it is simply cooking dinner, one should have pride in the meal they made.

Too many people will pop a frozen dinner into the microwave and call it a meal. Aside from the fact that processed food isn't so good for you, it diminishes the sense that a person made something. There are too many people who will snap a pic with a digicam, press the "print" button then take the paper out of their inkjet printers and call it a photograph. They didn't make it. They simply reproduced it. There's little or no craftsmanship there.

This is not to say that one should never eat a frozen dinner from the microwave or print a digi-pic with your computer. I do those things all the time but I keep them in perspective. It is convenient to do so and it is fun to see a picture only minutes after you download it from the memory card. Y'know what? Sometimes I'm tired or I don't have time to get out the pots and pans to cook a meal. I just need to eat something.

While modern conveniences are important, I think it is more important for people to remember their sense of craftsmanship, their sense of ownership in what they do and their sense of self-worth. This is one of the top reasons I prefer traditional photography over digital.

I am very happy to hear that this is important to you, as well! We need more people to understand this ethic, if not in photography, in whatever else they choose to pursue.

I only hope your sense of pride will become contagious. Even if people don't take up photography, I would be happy if they took up woodworking, drawing, car repair or some other activity of their choosing.