You are mostly correct. Some are new (more so in 'Afghan Heroin: NFE'), but most are the same. About ten more images will find their way online next time I am home reducing the overlap between the two projects; just need to copy the prints. I've almost finished the India project and will post these when complete by the end of the year. I just need one more trip after finding that cooler weather threw a few spanners in the works last time I visited.

I also have images from a small project shot in support of the charity Variety Club, which are awaiting copy & upload.

Progress has been slow with lots of upheaval. The last 12 months really have been occupied by determining how I wish to go forwards photographically and economically, while working on getting my images 'out there.' Now that I have found that clarity and sorted out work/home issues, the next 12 months should be interesting! I've continued shooting and experimenting all the while, but most importantly I have a list of projects I am keen to shoot and better contacts to make that happen. As always, lots of time goes into preparation and hopefully it won't be wasted.

Oddly enough I want to continue primarily shooting film and making silver prints.