Hello Everyone,
My name is Anthony or AJ for short....I just wanted to come in and say what a great forum and tons of great information here...been lurking for while and finally decided to join. I have been away from film photography for close to 25 years, recently I have gotten back into the hobby but using digital... in recent weeks I was introduced or should i say re-introduced to pinhole photography. Having built the oatmeal can camera some 25+ years ago during a high school art class i decided that even though the process may be old it shouldnt meant the means should be old as well.....so i decided to build a couple of pinholes and give it a shot.... these photos are of a 35mm pinhole camera body i built today...using pinhole designer to determine focal length and pinhole size.... taking to body measurements from a camera that i am actually interested in purchasing on ebay...just thought i would sign up and say hello and thanks for all the great information...looking forward to getting this body finished and running some film through it....
the body is made from 1/4 MDF board cut and glued. 6.5"w x 2.25" h x 2.87" d are the final body exterior dimensions
focal length is 60mm and pinhole size is .30mm
it is a 35mm X 88mm (area of exposure not remembering all my terminology)
the pinhole is made in a sheet of metal from a soda can.
I modeled the size from a camera i saw with images i like on ebay but i combined the design with a single roller style body. the camera will be a 1 shot camera, loaded in a darkroom and then taken apart in the darkroom. the film is stripped off the cassette and then is retracted back frame by frame into the cassette via the winder. I made a mistake while cutting and then had to re-design the top of the camera to make it light proof so I may just call this one "Sir Toppem Hat" as thats what it looks like when turned upside down... I have not yet sprayed the camera but I will give it 2 coats (interior) with a flat matte black and I still need to install the winder knob and shutter..but thats sunday's project.... thanks for checking out my camera and please comment and give me some advise...Im gonna need it.....lol....thanks again all!!!
I cannot post pics until i hit a post count of 5 so ill be back there are a few shots ide like to put up here for advice